Wild Ride!

The only image I could come up with to describe what seemed to be happening energetically and in people’s lives recently was “rotorooter” — an auger grinding through some aspect of life: relationships, work, illness.  

Finally the residue of our beings settled into what still looked like us, but we were left feeling stunned, discombobulated, empty, in shock.  

The good news is that a real dramatic shift seems to be occurring for many, with rapid, magic manifestations.  It is hard to believe things can be so different, when outwardly all looks the same.  

Advice: don’t try to move, act, decide until your will or passion is grabbed, or there is a clear “Yes!”  that lights something up.  It is a grand new adventure, so just keep riding the big exciting waves, and trust they bring us to a place just right. 

Pilar Gerasimo