Creatures great and small love Dotty's energy and touch.

Creatures great and small love Dotty's energy and touch.

Calm, Profound Change

“DOTTY’S WORK IS ALWAYS BOTH PROFOUNDLY CALMING AND ENERGETICALLY STIMULATING. I’ve experienced her touch many times, both at her home and in Mexico, and she’s also worked on my elderly draft horse, Gus. It’s utterly amazing to witness how animals, with their relative lack of mental hang ups, respond to her — Gus became a puddle in her hands. It was clear that he felt the energy moving through him, and that he really, really liked it. I can’t recommend Dotty’s work strongly enough, for animals or for humans.” — Tracy G., Wisconsin

Release, Light, Wisdom, and Warmth

“DOTTY BACON INFUSES LIFETIMES OF WISDOM AND COMPASSION into her healing sessions.  My three girls and myself have been blessed with the pleasure of receiving her work.  Each one of us have experienced a remarkable release of unwanted and unnecessary baggage or trauma which brought us back to our natural state of joy and peace.  We felt nurtured from the moment we arrived on her doorstep.  Each time we  have been there, Dotty greeted us with a pair of warm slippers and hot tea.  We’ve even been invited to join her for lunch afterward or a walk on her farm. Dotty is a gifted, kind, motherly Earth Angel.  If given the opportunity, have this Angel shine some light on you.” — Suzy S., Minnesota

Energy and Wellness

“DOTTY BACON’S REFLEXOLOGY AND ACURELEASE PRACTICE EMBRACES ENERGY AND WELLNESS; a truly wonderful experience whether you are seeking treatment for general well-being or a more specific issue. I have been a client for over 10 years; she has made a huge difference in my life.” — Sue F., Wisconsin

Transformational Impact

“FOR OVER FIFTEEN YEARS, Dotty’s transformational work has had a profound impact on my life. I am so grateful to have found such an authentic, wise and caring woman to encourage and support my relentless quest for self-discovery and personal growth. Her extraordinary healing work, coupled with her insight, wisdom and gentle guidance, has helped me over and over again to effectively and efficiently move forward in my life with greater personal integrity and clarity. Dotty has always supported my well-being. She encourages me in the challenging times, celebrates with me in the good times, and laughs with me when I’m taking myself and my life too seriously. Her work transforms lives and I highly recommend her to everyone.” — Jane N., Wisconsin 

Vibrant Well-Being

“DOTTY HAS MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. She shows love, skill, compassion, strength, humor, and sees the well-being within herself and her clients.  Spending time with Dotty reminds me to cherish myself and share my gifts.  The sessions I've received from Dotty have assisted me with relinquishing what no longer works for me and remembering to enjoy living vibrantly.  Thank you and I love you, Dotty!” — Julie S., Wisconsin


Deep Healing

“IT IS DIFFICULT FOR ME TO PUT INTO WORDS Dotty's ability to get to the core of a problem and allow it to dissolve in her hands. Sometimes she is so subtle you may be barely aware of what she is doing, and at other times she is going in so deep she makes you scream (well, I did anyway; why be macho?).  Whatever she is doing, it comes from a place of compassion, knowingness, intuition, love, nonjudgment and respect. Allowing her to be present with you is being open to healing of your entire being in ways you didn't imagine possible.  She is truly special and unique. I feel privileged to know her. I highly recommend her as a healer and a person.”  — Linda M., Montana 

Indispensable Wholeness

“I STARTED MY QUEST for mind-body-spirit connection with yoga and acting training, but a session with Dorothy was the first time I experienced that wholeness. It was a major breakthrough. My conscious will, unconscious desires, and physical feelings were all finally working together for my own good. It hurt a bit and I cried as she churned up the murk at the bottom of my soul; but I laughed more than I cried, and arrived at utter peace. Dotty helps you choose ... forever after, regardless of circumstance ... to be happy. Her work is indispensable for anyone who is walking a spiritual path.” — Clare M., New York