Waves of Chaos

Some time in spring, before Haiti, the Iceland volcano, the BP Oil Spill and all the other mega events, I got a sense that a big wave of chaos was coming rolling through.  I had no idea!  

I figured that chaos is an opportunity to dive into the stir and direct the energy toward desired change. I told clients and friends there were gifts in the chance to activate old dormant, stagnant material for learning, healing and releasing.  Some big life changes are calling out for recognition.  

 What I sense:  If you are doing your work and riding the waves in trust, it feels exciting and right.  For those denying or resisting the call, the hidden issues are coming up to bite you in the butt, both cheeks.

It is time to accept our own responsibility for the horrific events of war, poverty, terror, oil spills and to see there is no them and us; that we are all so much a partof All, and we not only have been in denial of our culpability, but also of our own power.  We are so ready to deny that power, and thus fail to see the immensity of what we can create by seeking, desiring, building harmony in all areas of our lives.  

As we visualize the world we wish to experience, feeling the love of it aligns us with the greatest creative power that engenders and supports Everything:  Love. 

Love yourself, your earth, your relations with all and keep riding the waves with a big smile.  We are off on a grand adventure..

Pilar Gerasimo