Body and Energy work for Healing, Wellness and Relaxation

By Dotty Bacon


About AcuRelease ...

AcuRelease is a unique form of kinesthetic, soft-tissue body work that pinpoints and releases tension, energetic blockages and imbalances within the body. 

Dotty Bacon developed her AcuRelease method through many years of experience with clients dealing with diverse health challenges. She works intuitively, based on her sense of what individuals’ bodies require in order to release the root causes of stress, pain and energetic blockages.

In the tradition of many other alternative therapeutic forms, such as reflexology and acupressure, AcuRelease is a holistic healing art that treats specific parts of the body and its energy fields with the aim of enhancing the health and comfort of the whole person. 

AcuRelease also supports the body’s parasympathetic (“rest and relax”) nervous system, helping to release and offset stress-related sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous-system overload.

Explore the site to learn more about the benefits of AcuRelease, about Dotty and her work. Or contact Dotty for an appointment at (715) 308-1851.